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Get direct access to the right people within your communities through one-on-one video chats

How it Works

1. Create a Group

Select a title for your Summit group and write a brief description.

2. Schedule a Summit

Choose a date, length of time, and create a password so that only your curated attendees can join your summit.

3. Meet new people

Have as many conversations as you want with participants in the summit and create life-changing connections.

What is Chat Summit?

You’re only one step away

We are now connected to more people than ever before, but do we really take advantage of the networks we belong to?

ChatSummit was founded on the belief that there is someone in your network that you haven’t connected with yet but if you were to talk with them today it can have a game-changing impact on your life.

Human-to-human discovery

ChatSummit is an attempt to solve human-to-human discovery, going one step further than building and maintaing networks, but actually making the most of our connections.

Your personal “people map”

With every interaction, ChatSummit gets smarter at predicting who you should be talking to and when. Instead of leaving it to chance, it learns networks of people and identifies introductions that can be game-changing.

Make the most of your networks

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